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Kurrajong Strategic Counsel provides best-in-class public affairs service to its clients seeking to improve and maintain its relationships with elected officials and public servants. A range of services are offered to improve relationships to foster two-way dialogue with policy makers.


Reimbursement: Kurrajong Strategic Counsel has experience in securing tens of millions of dollars for vital health services by working strategically with clients, the Government and Opposition.


Regulation and Legislation: Kurrajong Strategic Counsel has effectively advocated for regulation and legislative change in the health and defence sectors.

Projects: Kurrajong Strategic Counsel is experienced at staging highly effective political events in the Parliament and in electorates around the country to highlight issues with Parliamentarians gaining media coverage and engaging communities.

Reputation: Kurrajong Strategic Counsel has effectively improved the reputation of its clients amongst policy makers, public officials and stakeholders, creating high-level dialogue, creating opportunities and fostering partnerships.

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