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Kurrajong’s history and values


Kurrajong Strategic Counsel believes fundamentally in honesty, respectful conversation, consensus, tenacity and determined advocacy to achieve results. The company ethos is to build valuable relationships and trust to create momentum for important and realistic political outcomes that shape the nation, no matter how small.


Kurrajong Strategic Counsel is an Australian-owned company that draws its name from indigenous Australia, politics, military history and nature. Kurrajong is the Indigenous name for beautiful tree. Capital Hill in Canberra – where Australian Parliament House is situated – was originally called Kurrajong Hill by early settlers. The site was dedicated for the current Parliament House in 1913.


Kurrajong Strategic Counsel is also inspired by the patriotism and service to the nation of the contingents of the 1916 “Kurrajongs” whose snowball recruitment marchers from northern NSW town of Inverell resulted in a significant and very public recruitment drive in the third year of WWI. The Kurrajong Marchers are synonymous with their values of courage and conviction and willingness to lay down their lives for Australia through a political dynamic. The Kurrajong leaf is known as the “liberty” leaf, a prized commodity in a free democratic country under the rule of law.

Lady Denman and entourage arrive at Kurrajong (Capital Hill) on March 12, 1913.

Photo: John and Judy Stevenson

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